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Bird Research and Conservation News in BirdWatch Canada
The Summer 2014 edition of BirdWatch Canada (No. 68) includes a reflection on the centennial of the Passenger Pigeon's extinction, national results from the 114th Christmas Bird Count in Canada, reports from Bird Studies Canada's Prairie Marsh Monitoring Program and the Important Bird Areas program in British Columbia, and more.    Read more...

Whats in a (Species) Name?  
Standardized scientific names for biological species have been in use for nearly 300 years, but these names are not precise descriptors of the natural world. As global biodiversity databases grow, so do problems arising from taxonomic revisions (meaning a name's definition changes over time).   Read more...

2014 American Woodcock Status Report
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has published their 2014 American Woodcock Population Status report, which includes data collected by Citizen Scientists in Ontario. The number of American Woodcocks in Ontario has declined by 0.9% per year between 1968 and 2013.   Read more...


The Latest LPBO E-news
The latest LPBO E-news is now available online. For lots of news about the Fall 2013 season and more select the link above to download the E-news in PDF format.

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