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James L. Baillie


James L. Baillie Memorial Fund

James L. Baillie Student Research Award.

Although support of undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral studies is not a priority of the Baillie Fund, the Fund does support one award for a graduate student conducting field studies of Canadian birds in their natural environment. The Society of Canadian Ornithologists (SCO) administers the James L. Baillie Student Research Award, worth $1,000. The application deadline for this award is 15 February.

Information on how to apply to the James L. Baillie Student Award for Field Research is available on the Society of Canadian Ornithologists' website at .


Recent recipients of the James L. Baillie Student Field Research Award are:

2015: Anjolene Hunt, University of Alberta "Habitat use of Canada Warblers within an extensively managed forest landscape."

2014: Jesse Pakkala, University of Guelph "The effects of early life stress on juvenile survival in a migratory songbird."

2013: Adrianna Bruni, University of Windsor "The influence of weather, eye size, and ambient light on dawn chorus singing behaviour in a Canadian bird community."

2012: Stephanie LaZerte, University of Northern British Columbia "Vocal adjustments by chickadees in human-altered habitats."

2011: Kira Delmore, University of British Columbia "Postzygotic isolation in a migratory divide between Swainson?s Thrushes."

2010: Kyle Elliott, University of Manitoba "How can wild seabirds work hard and live long?"

2009: David Swan, University of Western Ontario
"Do brown-headed cowbirds brood parasites alter host offspring sex ratios due to their larger size?

2008: Robert DeCaire, University of Western Ontario
"Do brood parasites alter host offspring sex ratios due to their larger size??.

2007: Heather Major, Simon Fraser University
"Recovery of burrow-nesting seabirds following eradication of introduced predators in British Columbia?.

2006: Neil Goodenough, University of Western Ontario
"Does raising a cowbird nestling exhaust a Song Sparrow Parent??.




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