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Spring 2017

We encourage all visitors to the Long Point area to stop by our facilities on Old Cut Blvd. and tell us what you have observed in the area during your visit.
You can also email your sightings directly to LPBO at

The complete list of the birds of Long Point is available here.

Banding Totals

Fall 2016 Old Cut Breakwater Tip

Number banded for the period

588 693 993
Season Total 1389 693 1242

COUNTDOWN TO 1,000,000!
Grand Total Banded to Date - 992

Current Weather at Long Point

April 13-23

The period brought our first taste of temperate migrants early on followed by a push of Blue Jays. Six species of warbler were observed. Numbers of Red-breasted Mergansers have subsided to mere thousands at the Tip while decent numbers of Horned Grebes and Common Loon continue. A cooperative Fish Crow that frequented the base of Long Point was the highlight until Long Point's 3rd Cassin's Sparrow appeared at the Tip April 24.

Highlights: Trumpeter Swan - One (Tag R63) was observed intermittently at Old Cut from April 15 (LPBO).

Virginia Rail - Nine were heard at the Port Rowan wetlands April 23 (SAM).

Spotted Sandpiper - The first of the season was observed at the Tip April 20 (MI, LD).

Little Gull - 15 were observed from the dyke at Old Cut April 13 (MC).

Iceland Gull - Several were observed this period including three individuals (one adult) at the Tip April 20 (MI, JDF), and one at Breakwater April 15 (KC).

Glaucous Gull - One was observed at the Tip April 22 (MC).

Red-throated Loon - Small numbers were observed daily at the Tip (LPBO).

Great Egret - One was observed at BSC headquarters April 10 (AMR) and another at Old Cut April 16 (MC).

Cattle Egret - One in near-breeding plumage was observed occasionally on Concession 1 at Dedrick Creek throughout the period (AT, M.Obs.).

Red-headed Woodpecker - Two individuals were observed at the Tip April 17, and one was banded at Breakwater April 21 (LPBO).

Least Flycatcher - The first of the season was banded at Breakwater April 21 (LPBO).

Fish Crow - A single bird was found at the base of the Long Point Causeway April 14 and lingered in the cottage community until April 17 (RR, M. Obs).

Blue Jay - Flocks arrived en masse at all three stations April 20 with 62 banded at Old Cut and 57 at The Tip.

Bank Swallow - The first of the season was observed at Old Cut April 16 (MC).

House Wren - The first of the season was banded at the Tip April 17 (LPBO).

Wood Thrush - The first of the season was observed and banded at Old Cut April 18 (LPBO).

Blue-headed Vireo - One was observed at Old Cut and one was banded at The Tip April 16 (LPBO).

Yellow Warbler - The first of the season was observed at the Tip April 21 (MI).

Black-throated Green Warbler - The first two of the season were observed at Old Cut April 16 while two were banded at The Tip the same day (LPBO).

Palm Warbler - One individual was banded at the Tip April 17 (LPBO).

Northern Waterthrush - The first of the year was banded at the Tip April 15, with another observed April 21 (MI, JDF).

Cassin's Sparrow - Long Point's 3rd, and earliest record, was observed at the Tip on Long Point April 24 (MC).

Observers: Kyle Cameron (KC), Mark Conboy (MC), Laetitia Desbordes (LD), Jean- Daniel Fiset (JDF), Matthew Iles (MI), Stu Mackenzie (SAM), Anne Marie Ridout (AMR), Ron Ridout (RR), Adam Timpf (AT), and LPBO (Long Point Bird Observatory).

Explore the Long Point Birding Trail. Updates of the birds in the area can be viewed through eBird on LPBO's main web-page. You can help contribute to sightings in the Long Point area by submitting your sightings to eBird or by sharing them with us at For more information on the research, education, and training programs of LPBO select this link and check out the 2016 LPBO Program Report. Your best source for information about the birds and birding sites around Long Point can be found in A Birding Guide to the Long Point Area by Ron Ridout available at the LPBO Shoppe and BSC headquarters.

April 1-12

Long Point Bird Observatory's 58th spring migration monitoring season began March 29 at Old Cut. The Tip opened April 8 and Breakwater April 10. The season started with a burst of Golden-crowned Kinglets, Brown Creepers and Dark-eyed Juncos. Cold weather tempered active migration for a few days during the past week, but generally favourable conditions meant a steady flow of early-season migrants, including three warbler species.


Trumpeter Swan - A pair were near Breakwater April 10 (MC).

Eurasian Wigeon - One remained at Lee Brown WMA almost daily April 1-8 (M. Obs). Presumably the same bird was observed from the overlook at the Bird Studies Canada headquarters April 8 (KC).

Red-necked Grebe - Two were observed on the Inner Bay off St. Williams April 6 (KB).

Virginia Rail - The first of the year was at the Port Rowan Wetland April 3 (RR).

Sora - One was at the Tip April 10 (MI).

Piping Plover - A banded male found at Port Dover April 11-12 (SC) was determined to be the bird known as Old Man, the oldest known male Piping Plover on the Great Lakes hatched at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan in 2002.

Little Gull - There have been many sightings around Inner Long Point Bay, including a high count of 56 on the Inner Bay off St. Williams April 6 (RR).

Franklin's Gull - One flew past the Tip April 10 (MI).

Iceland Gull - One 2nd cycle was at the Tip April 2 (RR).

Lesser Black-backed Gull - One was at the Tip April 10 (MI).

Forster's Tern - The first of the year flew past Old Cut April 3 (MC).

Red-throated Loon - The first three of the year were observed at the Tip April 10 (MI).

Cattle Egret - One in near-breeding plumage was found at Dedrick Creek and the First Concession April 12 (AT).

Osprey - The first of the year flew over West Quarter Line Road April 3 (AT).

Common Raven - Numerous records from the Turkey Point Conservation Reserve and surrounding area (M. Obs). One was also observed on Walsingham Townline Road (KG, RG).

Purple Martin - The first of the year was at Old Cut April 4 (BL).

Barn Swallow - The first of the year was near Port Ryerse April 3 (NM).

Northern Rough-winged Swallow - The first of the year were at Old Cut April 11 (MC).

Tufted Titmouse - Up to three birds were observed daily at Old Cut during the period. There were also sightings from Port Ryerse (NM), the Turkey Point area (KK), St. Williams (EG), and Port Rowan (SAM).

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - One seen in Long Point P.P. April 9 (BC, BF) was a bit early.

Gray Catbird - The overwintering bird continued at Old Cut (LPBO).

Northern Mockingbird - One was on Troyer Road April 4 (PG, TG).

Pine Warbler - The first migrant was seen on the West Quarter Line Road April 9 (AT).

Louisiana Waterthrush - The first of the year was at Old Cut April 11 (SAM).

Vesper Sparrow - The first of the year was on West Quarter Line Road April 2 (AT).

Observers: Ken Burrell (KB), Kyle Cameron (KC), Sheila Chevarie (SC), Mark Conboy (MC), Eric Giles (EG), Henny Giles (HG), Kevin Giles (KG), Rebekah Giles (RG), Paula Gent (PG), Ted Gent (TG), Matt Iles (MI), Kevin Kavanagh (KK), Blane Landsborough (BL), Stu Mackenzie (SAM), Nathan Miller (MN), Ron Ridout (RR), Adam Timpf (AT), and LPBO (Long Point Bird Observatory staff).

March 1 - March 31

A return to more seasonal temperatures after the first week of March brought most migrant arrivals, with a few exceptions, back in line with the long-term averages.


Greater White-fronted Goose - Two were seen at BSC headquarters February 26 (SAM) while four were at Lee Brown Waterfowl Management Area March 11 (LF).

Snow Goose - A family group of five far resting far out on the Inner Bay March 1 was unusual for that location (RR). Perhaps the last four of the season were at Lee Brown Wildlife Management Area March 29 (AG, LF).

Tundra Swan - Swan migration began in mid-February but never built to the usual crescendo here at Long Point. The highest count of 1000 birds March 17 (RR) was well below a normal year's peak daily tally.

Trumpeter Swan - Up to four birds were seen in the area throughout March (m.obs.).

Eurasian Wigeon - A male was discovered on the Inner Bay off Port Rowan March 1 (TH, RM) and was seen intermittently until March 20 (NM). Likely the same bird was seen at Lee Brown WMA March 12-14 (m.obs.). A second bird was seen on the Inner Bay off St. Williams March 19 (RR).

Blue-winged Teal - The first of the season was seen at Big Creek and the First Concession March 22 (RR).

Aythya sp. - A census of the Inner Bay totalling 50,000 ducks was made March 19 (RR).

Horned Grebe - One seen off Port Rowan March 1 (RR, SAM) was record early.

Sora - A record early migrant was seen at the Crown Marsh Trail March 28 (EG).

Common Gallinule - A record early arrival was seen at the Port Rowan Wetland March 29 (SAM).

Lesser Black-backed Gull - An adult was seen resting in a large flock of gulls along Front Rd. east of Port Rowan March 1 (RR) while a second-cycle bird was seen on the Inner Bay off St. Williams March 19 (RR).

Great Egret - One seen at Port Rowan March 4 (EJ) was record early for the area.

Golden Eagle - Two birds seen at Big Creek NWA March 19 (LF et al.) were the last of a few wintering individuals.

Snowy Owl - One was seen on Long Point March 22 (SAM). Presumably the same bird was seen flying by BSC headquarters March 23 (DL, SAM, AB).

Red-headed Woodpecker - One was observed near Port Ryerse March 30 (NM).

Eastern Phoebe - The first definitive migrants arrived March 25-26 (m.obs.).

Tufted Titmouse - Pairs remained at Port Ryerse, St. Williams, and Old Cut Blvd. throughout March (m.obs.)

Eastern Meadowlark - The first of the season was at BSC headquarters March 9 (RR).

Brewer's Blackbird - Two males were seen in Port Rowan March 14 (SAM).

Observers: Amanda Bichel (AB), Sarah Bonnett (SB), Lev Frid (LF), Eric Giles (EG), Amanda Guercio (AG), Todd Hagedorn (TH), Eric Jeffery (EJ), Denis Lepage (DL), Stu Mackenzie (SAM), Reuven Martin (RM), Nathan Miller (NM), Ron Ridout (RR), Will Van Hemessen (WVH).

Winter 2016-2017

A very innocuous winter has been punctuated by several warm spells in late January continuing into mid-February. Long Point Inner Bay remained largely open throughout the winter allowing many waterfowl to overwinter or arrive early. The mild winter allowed for many unusual overwintering birds as well as several significant early arrival dates.

Greater White-fronted Goose - A lone bird was discovered at Port Rowan on January 14 (DL et al.) and was seen at various locations until January 28. A flock of 51 birds was seen heading east over Port Rowan (MC) and Turkey Pt. marsh (GB,KK) February 20.

Snow Goose - Two were seen with Canadas near Port Ryerse January 14 (SAM). A flock of nine was seen at Port Royal January 24 to 28 (RR et al.).

Ross's Goose - Nine were observed with nine Snows at Port Royal January 24 to 28 (RR et al.).

Cackling Goose - One or two individuals were present in the area from January 19 (TH) on.

Tundra Swan - Up to 400 overwintered around Port Rowan. Spring arrivals began on the February 19-20 weekend.

Wood Duck - A lone bird lingered on the causeway at CWS headquarters until at least January 14 (DS et al.).

Green-winged Teal - Two early arrivals were present at the Hahn Marsh January 27 (SAM).

Canvasback - 3000 birds appeared on the Inner Bay January 22 (RR) augmenting a couple of hundred which had remained since the Fall.

Redhead - 2500 were counted off Port Rowan January 22 and numbers built to at least 12,000 by February 10 (RR).

Aythya ducks - By February 21, numbers increased to over 30,000 Canvasback, Redhead and scaup spread across the wide-open Inner Bay (RR).

Surf Scoter - A female was present January 2 - 22, first at Port Dover harbour and then Turkey Pt. marina (RR, v.o.).

Pied-billed Grebe - One at Bird Studies Canada's headquarters January 25 was an early arrival (SAM).

American Bittern - One found at Big Creek NWA on the CBC December 17 (WL) lingered there until January 14 (RR) and was seen again at the Crown Marsh February 21 (SAM).

Black Vulture - One individual seen with Turkey Vultures south of Langton February 26 (SAM) provided the area's second winter record.

Golden Eagle - Maintaining a trend of recent winters, there were multiple sightings of at least two birds throughout January and late February (m.obs.)

Red-shouldered Hawk - Wintering individuals frequented the creek valleys north and south of County Rd. 60 as well as Long Pt. centered around the Crown Marsh. (m.obs.)

Red-tailed Hawk - An immature dark-morph of the calurus subspecies was seen at the Shirley and George Pond Reserve January 8 (RR) and remained in that vicinity until January 15 (v.o.). The subspecies of a dark-morph individual photographed on the A Concession December 19 (CC) could not be determined.

Rough-legged Hawk - An above average movement of early winter birds included an impressive congregation of 15 birds feeding around the Hahn Marsh December 24 (RR).

Sandhill Crane - Up to 350 birds managed to linger through January as a result of the benign weather. Numbers dwindled into February likely as a result of individuals beginning to move farther north rather than south.

Killdeer - Two individuals seen along Lakeshore Rd. west of Port Royal January 26 (SAM) were record early arrivals.

Greater Yellowlegs - A bird heard and seen flying over Big Creek NWA February 21 (KB) was record early by at least a month here at Long Pt.

American Woodcock - The first displaying birds were heard near Walsingham February 23 (AT).

Little Gull - Individuals appeared on the Inner Bay with Bonaparte's Gulls January 4 (RR). Numbers built to 18 seen off Port Rowan February 21 (RR) and then 58 flying by the BSC HQ property February 23 (RR).

Lesser Black-backed Gull - A third-cycle individual was seen at BSC headquarters January 10 (RR) and over the causeway January 28 (SAM).

Glaucous Gull - The lone individual of the winter so far was seen at Normandale January 8 (MC).

Snowy Owl - Considering the number of southwestern Ontario sightings this winter, it is somewhat unusual that a bird off the old provincial park on Long Pt. February 22 (RR) and Big Creek NWA February 26 (SAM) was the only sighting.

Peregrine Falcon - A young bird seen west of Port Royal January 26 (MC,SAM) remained in the area until January 30.

Eastern Phoebe - The status of a bird seen in Port Rowan February 20 (SAM) was difficult to determine. Another was seen near Messiah's Corners February 26 (SB,WVH).

Common Raven - Birds have been noted in both the St. Williams and Turkey Pt. Crown Reserves over the past month (EG).

Gray Catbird - Overwintering individuals were seen at Old Cut, both Long Pt. provincial parks and at Port Royal throughout January and February (v.o.).

Brown Thrasher - Singles remained at the Old Cut feeders (m.obs.) and at the Timpf farm near Walsingham (AT,TM).

Smith's Longspur - A hatch-year female was discovered along the A Concession Rd. on the Long Pt. CBC December 17 (RR,AT,MT) and remained until January 10 (m.obs.).

Pine Warbler - A Pine Warbler was seen with a mixed flock near Fishers Glen January 5 (KG).

Fox Sparrow - Numerous Fox Sparrows remained at local feeders. An unprecedented 72 were counted on the Long Pt. CBC December 17 (fide SAM).

Rose-breasted Grosbeak - A male visiting a feeder in Teeterville Janaury 6 and 14 provided the County's first January record. (MB).

Brewer's Blackbird - One bird was found near Turkey Pt. December 17 (MC) while a female was seen at the Hahn Marsh January 14 (AT).

Observers: Gregor Beck (GB), Sarah Bonnett (SB), Michelle Bruin (MB), Ken Burrell (KB), Chris Cheatle (CC), Mark Conboy (MC), Eric Giles (EG), Kevin Giles (KG), Todd Haggedorn (THa), Tyler Hoar (TH), Kevin Kavanagh (KK), Denis Lepage (DL), Stu Mackenzie (SAM), Taylor Marshall (TM), Reuven Martin (RM), Ron Ridout (RR), Denby Sadler (DS), Adam Timpf (AT), Matt Timpf (MT), Will Van Hennssen (WVH). (m.obs.), (v.o.) various observers.



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