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Volunteering and Stewardship

Stewardship - People Helping Plovers

Successful recovery of a species at risk, like the Piping Plover, requires the support and stewardship of the public. The Nova Scotia Piping Plover Conservation Program guides and engages individuals, community groups, habitat managers and agencies in managing, enhancing, and conserving beach habitat across Nova Scotia.

Approximately 95% of Nova Scotia's coastline is privately owned, thus beach landowners play an essential role in habitat protection. When Piping Plovers are found on private lands, BSC works with landowners to discuss recommendations for protecting sensitive nesting habitat.

We are also collaborating with the Ecology Action Centre, a Halifax non-profit organization, on a series of information articles on beach ecosystems and habitat stewardship. Coastlines articles explore an aspect of beach ecology or natural processes and include stewardship tips towards the long-term health of beaches in Nova Scotia. Articles are available online at

Volunteers and Piping Plover Guardians

Working closely with biologists, dozens of volunteers and Piping Plover Guardians play a critical role in the recovery of Piping Plovers. Volunteers patrol beaches, collect information, conduct beach clean-ups, and help with on-the-beach and community outreach events. Some volunteers also assist biologists with plover protection and monitoring activities. Read more on volunteer activities.

There are many opportunities to get involved and we need volunteers, so please contact us!

Learn how to get involved with other programs on Species at Risk recovery and conservation.

Volunteer Voices

James Hirtle has made a significant and longstanding contribution to Piping Plover conservation. Read an interview with him about his work along the seashore and in the community.

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