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International Training at LPBO

Many of 'our' Canadian birds are long-distance migrants, and spend more time each year on Latin American wintering grounds than they do with us. The health of 'our' bird populations hinges on the health of their wintering areas. With subtropical and tropical habitats under intense pressure, we need to foster good conservation and research in Latin America. And it is critical that Latin Americans themselves carry out as much of this work as possible. Conservation in Latin America will be most effectively advanced through grassroots efforts, based upon information gathered by well-trained conservation biologists.

In 1995, Bird Studies Canada, in association with Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service, launched LPBO's Latin American Training Program. This project enables talented Latin American biologists to spend an entire month or more at Long Point Bird Observatory, refining their field and teaching skills. Then they return to their home countries to share their learning. LPBO also helps organize training workshops in Latin America as opportunities allow. To date, LPBO has trained over 100 individuals from 15 countries.

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