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Fall 2019

Visitors are always welcome. Daily birding hikes depart the Old Cut Research Station one hour after sunrise, and banding demonstrations occur all morning until November 15. Owl monitoring will commence on fair-weather nights from October 1 to November 15. Explore the Long Point Birding Trail. You can help contribute to sightings in the Long Point area by submitting your sightings to eBird or by sharing them with us at For more information on the research, education, and training programs of LPBO select this link and check out the 2018 LPBO Program Report. Your best source for information about the birds and birding sites around Long Point can be found in A Birding Guide to the Long Point Area by Ron Ridout, available at the LPBO Shoppe and BSC headquarters.

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LPBO's Old Cut Research Station and Visitor Centre is open to the public during spring and fall migration (from April to mid-June, and early August to mid-November) from 9 a.m. until Noon.

The complete list of the birds of Long Point is available here.

Banding Totals

  Old Cut Breakwater Tip

Number banded for the period

83 288 -
Season Total 83 288 -

August 19

Trumpeter Swan - Three were observed at Turkey Point Marina July 21 (RH).

Tundra Swan - One individual lingered throughout spring and was last observed at Lee Brown WMA June 14 (KGC).

Long-tailed Duck - One male over-summered near the Tip (LPBO).

Ring-necked Pheasant - One was spotted along Norfolk County Road 60 July 17 and 18 (MVB, CJ).

White-winged Dove - One continued at the Tip until June 8 (LPBO).

Common Nighthawk - The first migrant of the season was observed at Old Cut August 18 (LPBO).

Upland Sandpiper - One flew over the 'New' Provincial Park August 8 (KGB).

Whimbrel - One flew over St. Williams July 21 (RR).

Baird's Sandpiper - One was observed at Breakwater August 4 (SMJ).

Red-necked Phalarope - One was observed at the Tip August 10 (SAM).

Lesser Black-backed Gull - One was at the 'New' Provincial Park July 11 (SAM).

Red-throated Loon - An individual seen flying over Old Cut August 18 provided a first for August Long Point record (ER).

Common Loon - A summering group of 123 was observed on the Outer Bay June 26 (SAM).

Heron sp.- A smaller (than a Great Blue) dark heron seen flying at Highway 59 and Highway 3 in Courtland July 18 (DL) raised suspicions of Little Blue Heron.

Great Egret - A high count of 23 were observed at Breakwater August 14 (MTT, SMJ). They can be observed daily from the Old Cut dyke at dawn.

Merlin - A Simcoe nest which produced three young provided the first confirmed breeding record for Norfolk C83ounty.

Peregrine Falcon - Two were observed flying over the 'New' Provincial Park August 9 (KGB). One flew over Silver Lake August 10 (YOW).

Olive-sided Flycatcher - Individuals were observed at Breakwater August 11, 13 and 14 (MTT) and at Old Cut August 14 (SAM).

Bank Swallow - Large numbers can be found throughout late July and August at Long Point. High counts this year were 65,000 from the 'New' Long Point Provincial Park August 9 and 30,000 at Breakwater August 15 (MTT, SMJ).

Purple Martin - Up to 25,000 are estimated to be in the greater Long Point area occupying numerous smaller roosts ranging in size from 500 to 12,000 birds. There were high counts of 6,000 at Breakwater August 10 (MTT, SMJ) and 12,000 at Old Cut August 15 (ERB).

Golden-crowned Kinglet - One was observed in the Old Cut woodlot August 17 (ER, CG).

Sedge Wren - One was at the Port Rowan Wetland August 1 (ED).

Photo: Yousif Attia

Henslow's Sparrow - A territorial male was present near Walsingham from early June through early August (APT). It was observed carrying food in mid-July but breeding was not otherwise confirmed. This is the first summer record at Long Point since 2005. The last migrant was at Old Cut April 29, 2011.

White-crowned Sparrow - One moulting adult was banded at Old Cut August 9 (LPBO). This is the first August record for Long Point.

Golden-winged Warbler - One male was observed at Breakwater August 14 (MTT)

Observers: Emma Buck (ERB), Kenneth Burrell (KGB), Mike Burrell (MVB), Kyle Cameron (KGC), Erica Dunn (ED), Anonymous eBirder (eBird), Callum Gisbon (CG), Randy Husson (RH), Colin Jones (CJ), Denis Lepage (DL), Stuart Mackenzie (SAM), Ron Ridout (RR), Elijah Rodgers (ER), Adam Timpf (APT), Matt Timpf (MTT) Young Ornithologist Workshop Participants (YOW), Long Point Bird Observatory Staff and Volunteers.

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