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SwiftWatch is a Citizen Science monitoring and conservation program that brings volunteers and community groups together to act as stewards for Chimney Swifts and their habitat.

Historically, Chimney Swifts inhabited large, hollow trees. As Europeans settled in North America, these habitats became scarce. Swifts adapted and began using chimneys for nesting and roosting.

Chimney Swifts are once again facing complex challenges. Their Canadian population has declined by 95% since 1968. Their habitat is being lost as buildings are modernized and chimneys are capped, steel-lined, or torn down. Other factors, such as severe weather events and changes in insect abundance, are likely also affecting swifts.

Through SwiftWatch, volunteers and community members are filling critical information gaps and addressing key threats. Since 2010, volunteers have identified 750 active chimneys in the Maritimes and Ontario. Of these, over 100 are now regularly monitored. Bird Studies Canada and partner organizations are working with schools, home owners, building managers, chimney sweeps, and townships to maintain and protect these sites.

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This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.
Ce projet été réalizé avec l'appiu finacier du governement du Canada

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