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All Canadians can help protect wild birds and their habitats. Across the country, Bird Studies Canada engages landowners in monitoring, stewardship, and conservation for aerial insectivores, including swallows and Chimney Swifts. These species are often found in rural and agricultural areas, and many rely on humans to provide nesting and foraging habitat. With adequate resources and information, landowners can be particularly effective stewards, managing land to achieve both economic and conservation goals.

Sharing habitat with swallows and swifts is mutually beneficial. Landowners contribute to the protection and recovery of these threatened species, which provide natural insect control, enrich biodiversity, and offer opportunities for hands-on environmental education.

Bird Studies Canada and our project partners offer resources to help landowners manage and enhance habitat for swallows and swifts on their properties.

Stewardship Resources

How to be a Good Chimney Swift Host

How to be a Good Barn Swallow Host

Swifts and Swallows Identification Guide

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